~Postpartum Doula~

As a Postpartum Doula, my goal is to help ease the transitions after the birth of your baby during the 4th trimester. Navigating the 4th trimester can be difficult for some. I am there for you as a listening ear, as you voice your concerns and worries. If you book me before the birth of your baby, I will have a couple visits with you during your pregnancy. I will get to know you and your partner, and your hopes and dreams for your birth and postpartum. After the birth of your little one, I will come to your home and listen as you tell me about how your birth went. I will give you support as you breastfeed or bottle feed. We can discuss the ins and outs of your postpartum care and your newborns care. We can discuss things that can help ease your discomfort. I will look after your little one(s) while you rest or shower. I will do light house work like a load of laundry or filling the dishwasher, etc. I can also prep and/or cook you a delicious home cooked meal. My joy is bringing you support during your birth year! Click here to learn more!



Breastfeeding Support

Whether it's helping you perfect your latch, bringing you snacks, creating a snack bag, or making a special box for your older children to use during feeding times, I will help you. 


Family Support & Integration

 Sometimes it can be difficult for older siblings or Dad to feel included when there is a new baby in the house. I will be there to help Dad find a way to be included and for children to have special time with Mom.


Newborn & Mother Postpartum Care

 Whether it's as simple as talking, or getting down to the dirty stuff, I am there to help you. Whether it's recommending a product, or referring you to see someone.  I do not diagnose or do anything medically related.