Maternity Portraits: $295

This is a very special time in your life! You are growing another human being! Giving life! Growing a heart, brain, lungs, and so many other things! Why not celebrate it with beautiful pictures of yourself at this stage in your life! Bring your Significant Other and any Little Ones you already have include them! 

Maternity Portrait sessions run an hour long and come with 15 hand-edited digital images. We will choose a location of your choice and you're welcome to use any of the dresses in my closet that fit!

Fresh 48: $375

At a Fresh 48 session I will come to the location you choose, whether it’s at the hospital, birth center or your home, within 48 hours of birth. I will come and document you and your baby in a life style session. Anyone who is with you at the time of my visit will also be documented as well, your Significant Other, Little Ones, and Family. I will get detail shots of your new baby, close ups of fingers, nose and toes. I will document the emotions, the smiles, the tears and all the baby snuggles. 

Fresh 48 sessions are 1 hour long and come with 50 hand edited digital images. Please contact me as soon as you're ready for me to come, and I will come during daylight hours. I will bring a small camera bag and 2 lenses with me. 

Newborn Portrait Sessions: $295

I offer two types of newborn sessions. Posed and Lifestyle. Depending on the type you want I will either come to your home or you will come to my in-home studio. At a Lifestyle Session I will document you and your baby in your natural environment. At a Posed Session I have wraps, props, blankets and head pieces for you to choose from to use. At both sessions I will take time to document the little details of your baby. 

Newborn sessions are typically 1 hour long, but can sometimes go over depending on the baby. For the best results, it is ideal to book the session before the baby is 2 weeks old. The session will come with 15 hand-edited digital images.