Powdered placenta has been used in Eastern Medicine for centuries and is rapidly increasing in popularity in the west. Mothers all over the world report that ingesting placenta pills made their postpartum recovery easier overall.  

Mothers report that they had lower occurrence of postpartum mood disorders, increased milk supply, and feel better overall.  

Mothers who have had previous births where their placenta was not ingested reported being more tired and having longer recovery times without placenta pills compared to the easier recovery and increased energy while taking their placenta pills. 

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Services and Prices: 

Placenta Encapsulation Only: $250

Placenta Encapsulation for Doula Clients: $200

I use the Traditional Chinese Method to encapsulate your placenta. This method takes the Placenta and steams it with Lemons, Jalapenos, and Ginger. After this I take the Placenta and Dehydrate it at food-safe high heats to ensure safety. I then encapsulte them in vegetarian capsules. Your placenta capsules will be provided to you in a glass amber bottle, to help preserve beneficial properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the process of labor and birth leaves the mother with an open, empty space which is considered very cold or yin. One way to promote healing during this time is to add warm energy via heat, or yang. 

Comes with:

Placenta Capsules (amount is based on size of placenta)

Complementary Placenta Print

Complementary Cord Keepsake 


Some of the hormones that give the placenta its healing properties and what they do:

  • Gonadotropin: precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone

  • Prolactin: promotes lactation

  • Oxytocin: for pain and bonding

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone: boost energy and helps recover from stressful events

  • Cortisone: combats stress and unlocks energy stores

  • Interferon: stimulates the immune system

  • Prostaglandins: anti-inflammatory

  • Hemoglobin: replenishes iron deficiency and anemia

  • Gammaglobulin: immune booster


Safety, reliability, communication, and transparency are the core values of my placenta encapsulation practice.
Please feel free to ask any questions that come up!

It's important to me that your mind is at ease with my broad understanding of placentas and safety precautions.

  • I work with only one placenta until the process is complete and keep to the necessary refrigeration procedures.

  • With the importance of safety in mind, I ensure the practice of being meticulous in my cleanliness.

  • Using a bleach solution, I properly disinfect my work space and utensils between each encapsulation to prevent any cross contamination.

  • I maintain a current Washington State Food Worker Card from the Department of Health.  

  • I am properly trained in food safety and cross-contamination prevention.  

  • I’ve been certified in blood-borne pathogens and infection control.  

  • I’ve completed training that adheres to OSHA Standards.  

  • For placenta encapsulation, I’ve set aside a dedicated space