Kendra & Anthony at Gold Mountain Golf Club

I meet with Kendra and Anthony twice before the wedding. Once for their Engagement pictures, and once to go over paperwork, it was easily seen the amount of love that they have for each other. 

There couldn't have been a more perfect day for Kendra and Anthony's wedding. It was warm, sunny and beautiful. The love that Kendra and Anthony had for each other was so strong, and you could feel it when you walked into the chapel. The church was filled with friends and family that loved Kendra and Anthony, waiting to see the joyous union between these two people. There was a beautiful video that Anthony made for Kendra that was seen by family/guests before the ceremony. Beautiful vows, sand ceremony, and the first kiss as husband and wife. 

The ceremony was followed by pictures at a golf course and a beautiful reception! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention their AWESOME colors that totally worked together. Orange. Green. And Fuchsia!