~Postpartum Doula~

As a Postpartum Doula, my goal is to help ease the transition after the birth of your baby during the 4th trimester. My joy is bringing you support during this time! Click here to learn more!


Breastfeeding Support

Whether it's helping you perfect your latch, bringing you snacks, creating a snack bag, or making a special box for your older children to use during feeding times, I will help you. 


Family Support & Integration

 Sometimes it can be difficult for older siblings or Dad to feel included when there is a new baby in the house. I will be there to help Dad find a way to be included and for children to have special time with Mom.


Newborn & Mother Postpartum Care

 Whether it's as simple as talking, or getting down to the dirty stuff, I am there to help you. Whether it's recommending a product, or referring you to see someone.  I do not diagnose or do anything medically related.


As a Photographer, I find joy in taking pictures and creating lasting memories for my clients, friends, and family to cherish always. This is one reason why I couldn’t leave it behind, and so I integrated Shylynn Dewey Photography into Dewdrop Birth Services. I want to keep providing clients with beautiful images through the birth year. I offer Maternity Portraits, Fresh 48 sessions, and both posed and in-home lifestyle Newborn sessions. Head here to see more of my work!


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There are many benefits to Placenta Encapsulation. Some of these include increases in your breast milk production, helps to balance your hormones, replenishes your depleted iron levels, assists your uterus in returning to the pre-pregnancy state, reduces post-natal bleeding, and makes for a happier, and sometimes easier, 4th trimester. I can speak from personal experience, I had my Placenta Encapsulated when I had my son in January of 2018, and it helped me tremendously. Click here to learn more about Placenta Encapsulation!


There are many benefits to the use of the Healing Herb Sitz baths. The high quality organic ingredients can help ease perineum and hemorrhoid pain during the healing period. They can help speed healing from tears or an episiotomy. The Healing Herb Sitz bath contains high quality Lavender, Plantain Leafs, Yarrow Flowers, Witch Hazel, Chamomile Flowers, Calendula, Sea Salt, and Epsom Salt. Click here to learn more about Healing Herb Sitz Bath!


Knowledge is so important. I have multiple books about prenatal care, birth, postpartum care, and raising children. Head here to see what books you can borrow!